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Vanessa Contopulos, Director

Vanessa Contopulos, MA, MT-BC, is the founder and director of Amplify Music Therapy. Vanessa has worked in music therapy and music education for over 20 years. Vanessa's work as a music therapist spans a broad range of settings including: schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, hospice, and private clinics. Vanessa is also a singer-songwriter and mother. She loves working with people of all ages and abilities and especially loves to see what amazing things happen when people tap into their creative spirit.

In addition to her work in music therapy, Vanessa holds an MA in peace studies. She is especially interested in the intersection of music for personal transformation and larger social healing and change.

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MArielle Sheppel, Music Therapist

Marielle (or "Mar" as she is called by many friends) holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy and Psychology from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Marielle’s therapeutic experience includes work with children in the educational and hospital setting, hospice, and work with veterans.

Marielle has worked as a Certified Kindermusik Educator, and completed a music therapy service project in Boston Bay, Jamaica for children with visual and hearing impairments. In her free time, Marielle reconnects with her roots by singing with the local professional Sacra/Profana choir as an auxiliary soprano, sings and plays at her local church, gets outside as much as possible, and tries to keep her plants alive and happy.