Vanessa Contopulos, MA, MT-BC

Vanessa is the founder and director of Amplify Music Therapy. Vanessa is certified in neurologic music therapy and has worked in music therapy and music education for over 20 years. Vanessa's work as a music therapist spans a broad range of settings including: schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, hospice, and private clinics. Vanessa is also a singer-songwriter and mother. She loves working with people of all ages and abilities and especially loves to see what amazing things happen when people tap into their creative spirit. 


Emma Byrd, MT-BC

Emma graduated from Berklee College of Music with a bachelor's in Music Therapy and she is currently working on completing her MA through Berklee. She completed her clinical internship at The Music Therapy Center of California and has since worked with a variety of clients, providing person-centered music therapy. Emma received her Neurologic Music Therapy certification in the fall of 2015 and utilizes those techniques whenever appropriate. When not providing music therapy, Emma plays around San Diego as a singer-songwriter and in the band "The Bet".


Matthew Sorena, MA, MT-BC

Matthew graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with a Bachelor's degree in music Molloy College with a Masters degree in Music Therapy. Matthew has experience working in the NICU, pediatrics, radiation oncology, palliative care, and hospice. He has strong personal connections to children and families with special needs and has a heart for using the power of music to meet the unique and individual needs of people of all ages. Outside of music therapy, Matthew enjoys playing in a local band, surfing, and exploring California.


Cory Woodrow, MT-BC

Cory graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy.  He completed his internship at MusicWorx Inc., and Resounding Joy Inc. and has worked with veterans and active duty military, hospitalized children and adults, individuals with developmental disabilities and substance abuse patients.  He received his Neurologic Music Therapy certification training in the Fall of 2016. When he is not working he enjoys songwriting, recording and performing in the San Diego area as the drummer for various local bands.